Future of Health Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower cancer patients to take control of their lives in a time of uncertainty. With getting a cancer diagnosis, the patient relinquishes most control and entrusts it to doctors, nursers, specialists and caregivers. Our mission is to support those being treated in controlling the parts of their day-to-day lives with activities that strengthen them physically, mentally and emotionally.

We will connect and support cancer patients with those in their inner circle but also those within the larger community who tirelessly dedicate their time and energy in making sure that those undergoing treatment still enjoy the things in life that make them stronger, better and more empowered to fight this life-altering disease!

Future of Health is committed to bringing together people of the same interests in order to enjoy together daily activities that make us unique individuals and to restore and revive the passion and zest for a healthy and fulfilling life, while in the process fostering old friendships and creating new ones.

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Join as a fighter and let us know your hobbies, interests and what makes you - ‘you’. Let us know what kind of things you would like to do and we’ll do our best to match you with a ‘supporter’ so you can enjoy doing those things together. It can be anything- there is no reason to stop enjoying life the way you did pre-diagnosis - let us help!
Join as a
Join as a supporter and you no longer need to be on the sidelines. We’ll match you with a ‘fighter’ and you can join them on this journey to recovery while enjoying activities you are both interested in, making your fighter feel like the person they are, cancer or not.

Fighting in Style will be putting on events throughout the year in order to grow our community.  There will be big events like a Fashion Show in the heart of Amsterdam that we are working on and also smaller events like book clubs, dance classes and wig and makeup tutorials.  Please let us know if you are willing to volunteer your time or perhaps a company you are with is willing to sponsor with a donation.  We are always looking for supporters for this great cause!


We offer an array of sponsorship opportunities where your organization will have the chance to showcase its innovative services to enhance patient care. This is a unique event that will bring together policy makers, caregivers, physicians, healthcare trendsetters and patients and will create a forum for making changes. Your sponsorship will go a long way in donating to a great cause of fighting Alzheimer disease.

To get more information please email us at sponsors@FutureOfHealth.eu


Oct 17
From a very special guest blogger…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Below is the reason we need to know and listen to our bodies.  Below is the reason we need to get regular check-ups.  Below is the reason to fight and to live.  Early detection is everything.  This is Shaine’s perspective on what our family has been going through since July 2014 – unedited and raw.  The photo is a selfie Shaine took of us the day I was diagnosed. Read More →

Aug 28
Our Roller Coaster

16 years ago I married this boy and today I am proud to call this man my husband.  In his words, “it’s been a roller coaster ride”.  I think that it has been a roller coaster ride with lots of ups, a few downs and one really, really low dip that scared the s**t out of us, and felt like the roller coaster broke and we crashed.  Read More →

Aug 20

I’ve been holding my breath for three days.  Three scary, lonely days filled with unknown.   Read More →

Jun 5
This is me, this is now

This is my story. Well, rather a chapter in my story. A chapter that has been in the making since July 2014. It was then that I was diagnosed with cancer. Breast Cancer. Read More →


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